Visa Services

Passport and visa requirements for British Citizens

  1. All citizens of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland require a ten year passport (valid for 6 months after completion of any journey). Infants and children must also have their own passport with photograph. If you are 16 or over and haven’t yet got a passport, our recommendation is that you should apply for one at least 6 weeks before your holiday. The UK Passport Service has to confirm your identity before issuing your first passport and from October 2006 will ask you to attend an interview in order to do this. Visas may be required, depending on your destination - it is your responsibility to check the latest requirements with the appropriate authority before travelling. Nationals of other countries should check entry requirements with the relevant Embassy or High Commission.

  2. If you are looking for a professional travel and tour agent, who will guide you through all the rites of holidays step-by-step, take care of the complex process, our team are highly motivated and dedicated individuals who will accompany you from the start of your journey to take care of your needs, then we ask you to give us the privilege of organising your trip and select one of our carefully designed packages/offers. 

Requirements For An Umrah Travel Visa:

  1. One Umrah application form fully completed and signed by the applicant in BLOCK LETTERS using black ink  only Sign & return the agreement along with your payment, if you are happy with the quotation. 

  2. An EC/British passport valid for at least 6 months. (Foreign passports will only be accepted if endorsed “indefinite stay” by the Home Office. They will also be accepted in case of passport holder living in the UK with a spouse, or on a student/work visa). 

  3. Al-Mouna sends out a detailed quote based upon your requirements including; accommodation transportation and flights (if   required). 

  4. Two colour passport sized photographs - with white background. 

  5. A confirmed return airline ticket to Saudi Arabia, returning to UK or any other destination- Point of entry and departure must be Jeddah or Madinah. 

  6.  A meningitis immunization certificate (ACWY) valid for not less than 3 years. Pilgrims must have their immunization at least 10 days before travelling

  7.  A conversion certificate from a religious organisation proving Muslim identity in case of revert brothers and sisters.

  8. Children aged one year or over travelling on parent’s passport must have their photograph attached on the passport and endorsed by the relevant authorities.

  9. We enter your details onto the electronic visa authorisation system, reserve your accommodation and flights, and acquire the visas.

  10. We return your passport with visa along with airline ticket and accommodation/transport vouchers.

  11. Upon arrival at Jeddah airport you proceed to our agents’ counter in the Arrivals hall who will arrange for your journey to the hotel in Makkah. 

  12. Upon arrival at the hotel you hand over your vouchers at the check-in as payment for your pre-booked accommodation

​Please call or E-mail us for further inqury +(44)2087406637 or info@almounatravels.com